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2016 Int'l Independent Film Awards
Gold Winner: "Glitches"
2016 Live Read LA
Top-3 finalist: "Glitches"
2016 Page Awards
Top-10 Finalists for Drama
"Glitches" (Over 8,000 entries)
2016 Los Angeles Cinefest
Los Angeles Film & Script Festival
Finalist: "Glitches"
2016 Austin Film Festival
2nd Rounder: "Glitches"
"GIRLS" TV spec (Over 9,000 entries)
2016 Stowe Story Labs
2016 Script Pipeline
Semifinalist: "Glitches"
Top 25 out of 3,500 scripts
2016 Screencraft Comedy
Semifinalists: "Glitches"
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2017 Tracking Board Competition
Glitches - Honorable Mention
2017 Fresh Voices Screenplay Contest
"Glitches" Comedy
Grand prize winner
Richmond International Film Festival
"Glitches" Official Selection
Park City Table Read My Screenplay
Semifinalist: "Glitches"
2016 Roadmap Writers Contest
Semifinalist: "Glitches"
2016 Spotlight Competition
"Glitches": Top 10 finalist
Filmmakers Int'l Screenwriting
Semifinalist: "Glitches"
2016 Diverse Voices competition
Finalist: "Glitches"
2016 New York Film & TV festival
Top 5: "Glitches"
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2018 Launchpad feature competition
"Becoming Jennifer Lawrence" Top 50
Top 100 screenplays of the year
2017 Filmmakers International
Glitches - Runner Up/Comdey
2017 Worldfest Houston
Glitches - GOLD Remi Winner/comedy
(over 4500 category entries)
Screencraft Fellowship
Glitches - Drama
2017 Flimmakers International Awards
"Glitches" Semifinalist for Comedy
2017 Beverly Hills Film Festival
"Glitches" Official selection
2016 Depth of Field International
Second Place Drama: "Glitches"
Awarded prívate access to Polaris Pictures
2016 Big Break Screenwriting Contest
Top 10 Drama: "Glitches"
Top 10 one-hour TV spec "GIRLS"
2016 Fast Track Fellowship
"Glitches" In consideration
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"Glitches" review from Blacklist
This is a wonderfully written script on many levels. It wouldn't take a big budget to pull it off and at the very least the project should prove to be a strong writing sample in its current state. There's sharp dark humor within the action, dialogue and scenarios that Penny gets into, and this is amongst heavy and dramatic themes as well. It's a heart-wrenching story with a triumphant ending after the audience sees some very tragic scenarios play out. The dialogue is fantastic and realistic. The relationship between Penny and Tab is unique and carries the second half of the script very well. At the end of the day, this script definitely deserves attention from industry readers and could be related to WHAT'S EATING GILBERT GRAPE meets AMERICAN BEAUTY. 

"Glitches" Fresh Voices Grand prize winner

Fresh Voices has awarded Kelly Beck-Byrnes’ dramatic-comedy “Glitches’, the Grand Prize Winner of the 2016-17 Fresh Voices Screenplay Competition from over 1,200 entries received. 


Kelly’s script has garnered rave reviews across the industry recently advancing in several big screenplay contests including Page and Austin, before ultimately taking home the Grand Prize Award of the Fresh Voices Screenplay Competition this week. Growing up in a small town outside Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Kelly moved to Los Angeles 20 years ago to work in advertising. Kelly is a self-taught screenwriter now finishing her third screenplay.

Glitches, her second script, is best described as What’s Eating Gilbert Grape meets Juno. It is a coming-of-age story about a young girl named Penny who moves with her father from California to the cornfields of the Midwest after the loss of her mother and their home. Unable to fit in with her new surroundings, Penny rebels by beginning a relationship with her autistic cousin and clashing with her new classmates and family. 

“Kelly’s delightfully engaging voice is present on every page adding color, authenticity and layer upon layer of emotion to all the characters and their choices”

Chairman of the Fresh Voices Screenplay Competition, Joel Mendoza, commented on the win, “Glitches is a heartfelt story that leaves you wanting more. Kelly explores a world rich in relatable themes, memorable characters, and emotionally complex scenarios. It had a deft mix of pathos and humor stitched into every scene. Above all however, Kelly’s delightfully bold and engaging voice is present on every page adding color, authenticity and layer upon layer of emotion to all the characters and their choices.”

In winning, Kelly takes home the $3,000 Cash Award as well prizes from various industry sponsors.

Fresh Voices is a Hollywood literary Consultancy and Annual Screenplay Competition. Since 2009, Fresh Voices has been discovering, nurturing and promoting exciting new voices in screenwriting, and advancing the careers of emerging filmmakers. The Fresh Voices Annual Screenplay Competition offers winning screenwriters the tools, guidance and opportunity to develop great screenplays and pursue a successful career. Now in its 8th year, the competition has become one of the most highly anticipated screenwriting contests of the year by writers and the industry alike.


"Glitches" review from Austin Film Festival:

Glitches is a superbly crafted narrative. It is an endearing and authentic coming of age story. When Penny and her father Marvin suddenly find themselves without a home, they seek shelter with born again Aunt Clara and autistic cousin Tab. This already peculiar set of circumstances unfolds into a bittersweet and humorous tale of maturing amidst adversity and an outlandish series of events and people. Penny stumbles and blunders her way throughout with equal measures of naiveté, charm and crass. And thus, she manages to eventually find herself, a sense of family and ultimately love. The writer has created a compelling and vivid world. The situations that Penny finds herself in, while outlandish, feel authentic and fit the narrative well. It sits comfortably in the vein of movies like Gas, Food Lodging and The Diary of a Teenage Girl. Overall, Glitches is an engrossing narrative. The characterization of Tab is superb: it avoids the clichés usually associated with autism while affording us a captivating insight into his persona. Penny is a wonderfully complex character; her acerbic wit and delightful crass were a pleasure to read. Thank you for writing such an original story!

"GIRLS" spec review from 2016 Fresh Voices

The script was well structured and did a great job of matching the pace of the script to the pace of GIRLS. The writer did an especially good job of building Sylvie and Celestes' characters. They were both beautifully rich and I loved the tension between the two of them. I was also a fan of Roberta and Abe's characters during the diner scene. One of the strongest attributes of the script was the dialogue. It was smart, witty, and riddled with pop culture, art, and literary references that fit into the GIRLS world. I especially enjoyed Hannah's banter with Adam. Overall, this is a well written script that closely matches the tone of GIRLS.


"Glitches" review from Judy Kellem, writer:

This is an intense, original, deeply rendered character drama from an exceptional new writer.  The world we are invited into is vivid and disturbingly real, populated by moody, broken, unglamorous people struggling to get from one day to the next in their shared dystopia.  Our heroine is a lovable, restless creature who’s as funny and tragic, salty and tender as any smart, sultry misfit you’d find in the rave clubs of a big city.  The love story she shares with her autistic cousin is beautifully developed,  set against the backdrop of his oppressive, controlling mother and the heroine’s emotionally checked-out dad.  We enter a bleak reality with Penny, but as she discovers Tab, in all his unbridled honesty and purity of heart, we see the silver-lining found in ordinary life:  passion, self-expression, art, nature and faith in others.  The writer has given us the familiar universe of the disenfranchised throngs living in quiet desperation and shown us how much magic, power and meaning can be found through the sheer pain of showing up for life.  This film is pulsing in its meditations on morality and the quest for identity - especially for young women.  It is a gem of a script from a diamond of a screenwriter.





Kelly discovered her passion for screenwriting in early 2016 and has since written three features, a TV pilot, and a spec episode for the HBO comedy, GIRLS. After entering the scripts into top screenwriting contests around the globe, the results show a positive response.  In fact, her drama, "Glitches," made top-10 in the Page Awards, of which there were over 8,000 feature script entries. The contest is considered one of the top 3 screenwriting contests in the world. 


Kelly's also an advertising writer/art director by day and an animal rights activist by night. Follow her on Twitter  @stellasmission and help change animals' lives for the better. Or better yet, don't eat them.


"The greatness of a nation can be judged by the way its animals are


- Mahatma Gandhi



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